Craft Wars Contest WINNER!

It’s a happy day here at Get Hung Up, despite the gloomy, rainy weather that Tropical Storm Issac has brought us.

A few weeks ago I entered a photo contest on, Craft Wars page, sponsored by Michael’s crafts. Basically you submitted a photo of your craft and Michael’s was to choose the best craft! I used the picture of my wedding gown on my Get Hung Up bridal hanger and it was selected as the WINNER! It is so exciting to be recognized by such an amazing company (one that I shop at on a weekly basis) for having a unique craft. I now will receive a Michael’s gift card that I will certainly put right back in to the business :)

Small achievements like this just help build Get Hung Up’s notoriety and I couldn’t have done it without all the support my family, friends and fans have given me. Now it’s time to keep our fingers crossed and pray that Get Hung Up makes it to the next level in the American Made, Martha Stewart contest!

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